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Team members talking with each other

For at least the last 30 years, there have been many types of Human Capital Management systems in use. As time goes on, these systems have been adapted to change with the times.

Most likely, those systems have been supported and maintained by their own employees in-house so they may have never been fully developed and used to their maximum potential. Before the rise of the Internet and social networks, that made perfect sense. Now that businesses no longer need to be isolated and can adapt many new methods of communication, HCM systems have really advanced in the delivery and effectiveness of the system.

HCM System Benefits:

Employee Engagement Leads to a Successful System

Having tools that allow your employees to become engaged will increase your system’s success. Being able to ask questions and function with interactions between other employees sets the system up for having the maximum impact.

2. Mobile Access to System

Tying your employees to a company PC or system where they can access your HCM system will limit their engagement. While at work most employees are focused on their primary functions and their time and attention are limited. Allowing them to access the system on a mobile device while away from the office will allow them to explore and use the system while not worried about their daily activities while at work.

3. Single Source Data

Having a single source end-to-end HCM system will allow all the employee’s information to be compiled in one location so that managers and the employee can access and use it for improving the employee-management relationship.

4. Tracking Performance

Having an HCM system that is used by the employee and manager will allow tracking of the performance so you can determine what is or is not working. This will let the employee see for themselves how they are doing and afford them an opportunity to improve in areas that might be underperforming.

5. Analyzing Turnover

With the cost of employee acquisition only increasing, it is important to understand why employees leave the company. Being able to analyze an employee’s history through a robust HCM system can let a company work on eliminating and improving problems that might have caused an employee to leave. Having an exit survey that exiting employees fill out in the HCM system is a great tool for determining problems that need to be addressed.

Prior to setting up an HCM system, Valentine Industries performs detailed research on the company so that the HCM system put in place produces the most effective results. Delivering a cost-effective HCM strategy that produces measurable results is what we strive to do for every client we serve.

With the current state of the pandemic and the amount of anxiety in the workforce, it is more important than ever to give your employees a platform, so they feel valued and have a way to communicate with the companies HR department.

Contact us today and let Valentine Industries help you get your Human Capital Management system streamlined or implemented.