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Learn More About Our Effective Process

At Valentine Industries, we have spent years developing a set of principles and a process that enables us to help our clients. We cannot produce the individualized plans for our clients we are so well-known for without a solid foundation. We designed our process to account for common hurdles while enabling us to adapt on the fly to changing client needs. Learn more below.

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Professionalism and Results: The Valentine Industries Way

We are dedicated to meeting service level agreements at Valentine Industries. Our process is one way we continually do so. By sticking to an established timeline and meeting deadlines, we ensure your project flows seamlessly and gets the desired results. No matter what you need from us, you can count on that level of professionalism.

From Alignment to Implementation: How We Get Results

Our process for developing relationships with our clients never changes, regardless of the service we offer. What does change is how we implement it. For instance, not every client requires the same thing, and our process is malleable enough to change from client to client. Our four-step process includes, but is not limited to:

Step 1: Alignment

Before we can begin with the planning phase, we must address a host of issues, starting with the project’s scope. We work with you to learn your desired outcomes and delegate roles to our team members. Our team sets milestones and locates potential landmines.

Step 2: Planning

Next, we begin the development phase, where we establish a team, design tasks, identify task owners, and more. This phase is crucial and will include your input, as it can be clarified and adjusted based on your unique needs.

Step 3: Activation

During this phase, we conduct numerous meetings to keep the project rolling. We track challenges and implement solutions and respond to active client questions and demands. We are communicative throughout this phase.

Step 4: Implementation

We are skilled at implementing our action plans into your organization. We will write a final report for you and fine-tune and test any technological systems were implemented into your system.

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