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HR Software Solutions for United States Clients

At Valentine Industries, we pride ourselves on using all the technology available to discover and implement solutions for our clients. We offer a vast range of HR software solutions to make your HR department more efficient. The result will be better retention, seamless organization, and easier talent discovery. We have a team of experienced technical consultants who specialize in data conversions and migration, test scripting, testing execution, quality assurance, and reporting architecture. You can feel comfortable placing your organization’s future in our hands.

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We Provide Thorough, Personalized New Implementations

New implementations are complex and challenging endeavors – but we’re more than up to the task. They require thorough, goal-oriented planning and plenty of experience. We have years of experience helping clients switch software, or new companies establish a framework for success. Our wise, experienced specialists understand what you need and work hard to make it happen for you. Once implemented, you can rely on us to serve as a sounding board and a source for further answers.

We Help Optimize Your HR System’s Data Usage

Our technical experts understand how important your data is. But more importantly, they know the value of presenting and storing that data efficiently. Scrubbing data and configuring it ideally is an essential task. We can help with that. From developing interfaces to performing data extraction and conversion tasks, we’ve got you covered. Most importantly, we handle testing for all of our clients. This phase is essential because it enables us to catch bugs before they cause problems for you.

We Continue Our Relationship With You Post-Implementation

Our relationship with you continues post-implementation. We understand that there will be questions, so our team is ready to help answer them. Our project managers have years of experience helping their clients achieve success, and nothing is more important to us than your organization’s success. At Valentine Industries, you can count on us to provide innovative solutions and top-notch customer support throughout our relationship with you.

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